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where do I begin?
the hardest thing
to push my doubts off to the side
let go and speak my mind
what if I sound stupid?
or repeat myself?
it's easy when I've yet to mend the trouble underneath
the news is bleak
the scientists agree
the future's pretty fucked
we're out of luck
I have a daughter
how will she survive the horror that awaits the world?
she's just a girl
it makes me want to cry
I'm just one guy
I do recycle
use less energy
it's all a bitter comedy
like Kansas said:
we're dust in the wind
I love that song
does make me less cool?
and why do I even care?
it makes me sad to think
that everything is a contest in the end

when you get a certain age
your friends just fade
into their own communities
and no one sees anybody
there is no fun to have
it's only work and work
and work and work and work
we never stop
bodies drop
time just ticks away
and now we want it back
all the hours that we wasted getting wasted
we were such a bunch of idiots and lunatics
I wish I was insane
cuz now my brain it thinks too clear
I feel the fear inside of every sneeze
a new disease
it waits for me
and who is gonna miss me when I'm gone?
or play my songs?
and sing along?
I'm scared I'll disappear
was never here
my darling dear
promise me you'll sing

I know exactly who I am
a total piece of shit
but I also am a genius
that the world has yet to recognize
I guess that makes me typical
just add it to the list
you get the gist
like Marshall Mathers did
I'll take away what you can say
my sign, it is a pisces
pair of fish that swim in different ways
of course I don't believe in signs
or god or fate or party lines
only that I'm rotting
day by day, I am dying
what am I doing with my time?
I wine, I wine, I wine
I drink my wine


from The Good Names Are Taken, released May 19, 2015



all rights reserved


The Good Names Are Taken New York, New York

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